Welcome to Shodex HPLC columns

Welcome to Shodex HPLC columns

SHODEX: TEST A HPLC DEMO COLUMN AND SAVE MONEY. Specialists for polymer-based columns: RP, HILIC, SEC, GPC, SUGAR, IC.

Are you ready for a try? You can test one of our analytical HPLC demo columns for free during 30 days. After this trial period you will get a 10% discount with the following code: SHODEX2014 , if you buy the same new column (demo columns have to be returned).

The same code gives you 5% discount for any other of our columns (with or without demo).

You receive individual column recommendations, development tips for your method and technical support at info@shodex.de.  

Shodex -  the HPLC column brand of Showa Denko Europe.

(Offer available for end customers until 31.12.2014)


Shodex is the brand name of the HPLC columns manufactured by Showa Denko in Japan, an international chemical company. The European headquarters for Shodex are located in Munich (Germany) and provide fast deliveries to whole Europe, Russia, Africa and Middle East. We offer profound technical support and have a strong partnership with customers and distributors in different countries.

Shodex produces columns since almost 50 years, which leads to a great knowledge, experience and application data base (1965 first SEC column in-house, 1974 start of Shodex business). They produce their own gels and resins for the columns and do the packing into different housings themselves.

The product portfolio covers the whole range of HPLC columns, SEC standards and RI detectors. Shodex is a specialist for high-quality polymer-based columns with long lifetime in analytical, micro or preparative dimensions.

Shodex helps researchers in the pharmaceutical, food, synthetic materials industry, as well as the environmental, biotechnological and life sciences sector to get the best results.

Shodex offers repeatedly the possibility to test a demo column for free.