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Technische Broschüren

Technical Articles

Shodex Technical Article 1_Analysis of Aggregates and Additives in Antibody Drugs (pdf)

  • dedicated columns PROTEIN LW-803 and ODP2

Shodex Technical Article 2_Simultaneous LC-MS Analysis of Glyphosate and Its Related Compound (pdf)

  • bestseller column HILICpak VT-50 for glyphosate

Shodex Technical Article 3_LC-MS Analysis of Various Hydrophilic Compounds Using HILIC Mode and Alkaline Eluent (pdf)

  • application variety for HILICpak VG-50

Shodex Technical Article 4_LC-MS Analysis of Oligonucleotides (pdf)

  • special column HILICpak VN-50 with diol groups

Shodex Technical Article 5_LC-MS Analysis of Various Low-Molecular Weight Cationic Compounds Using HILIC Mode (pdf)

  • HILICpak VC-50 with negatively charged carboxyl groups

Shodex Technical Article 7_Analysis of Various Oligosaccharides Using HILIC Mode (pdf)

  • special column HILICpak VN-50 with diol groups

Shodex Technical Article 8_Ultra-Rapid Analysis of High Molecular Weight Compounds Using SEC Mode (pdf)

  • new GPC HK-400 series with smaller dimension 

Shodex Technical Article 9_Ultra-Rapid Analysis of Proteins by Cations Exchange Chromatography (pdf)

  • faster particles in the IEC SP-FT column

Shodex Technical Article 10_Analysis of Functional Sugars in Foods Using HILIC Mode (pdf)

  • also rare saccharides on polymer-based HILICpak VG-50 with amino groups

Shodex Technical Article 11_HPLC Analysis of Antidiabetic Drugs (pdf)

  • drug analysis of metformin and insulin

Shodex Technical Article 12_Simultaneous LC-MS Analyses of Phosphorylated Saccharides (pdf)

  • application overview for phosphate sugars (glucose-6-phosphate G6P, fructose-6-phosphate F6P, glucose-1-phosphate G1P, fructose-1-phosphate F1P) on HILICpak VT-50

Shodex Technical Article 13_GPC-MS Analysis of Polymer Additives (pdf)

  • new GPC HK-400 series for size exclusion chromatography

Shodex Technical Article 14_Analysis of Functional Ingredients in Dietary Supplement (pdf)

  • overview about different functional food ingredients

Shodex Technical Article 15_Purification and SEC-MS Analysis of Norovirus Virus-Like Particles (pdf)

  • bio nanoparticles on OHpak SB-800 column

Shodex Technical Article 16_Evaluating the Freshness of Fish Flesh Using the K Value (pdf)

  • analysis of ATP and related substances on SEC multimode column Asahipak GS-320

Shodex Technical Article 17_Rapid Analysis of Sugars, Organic Acids, and Alcohols (pdf)

  • applications on short SUGAR SH1011 8C

Shodex Technical Article 18_Analysis of Functional Ingredients (Anit-Obesity Agents) in Beverages and Foods (pdf)

  • overview on different substances with RSpak KC-811, Silica C18U

Shodex Technical Article 19_LC-MS Analysis of Various Oligonucleic Acids (pdf)

  • oligo-DNA and oligo-RNA on HILICpak VN-50 column

Shodex Technical Article 20_SEC Multi-Faceted Analysis of Exosome EV Combination of UV Fluorescence and Light Scattering Detectors (pdf)

  • aqueous polymer-based SEC column OHpak SB-806 HQ with large pore size to analyze complex bio nano compounds

Shodex Technical Article 21_Analysis of Indigestible Dextrin (pdf)

  • dietary fiber analysis after enzyme treatment and purification with SEC column OHpak SB-802.5 HQ

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