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Specialist for polymer-based HPLC columns

The HPLC columns are packed with polymer-based particles and offer unique and alternative  performance for all major separation techniques.

Separation Techniques

Shodex Asahipak ODP Series_43.jpg
Reversed Phase

Columns for the analysis of non-polar compounds like pharmaceuticals, biomolecules or food ingredients

Shodex SUGAR Series_43.jpg
SUGAR - Ligand Exchange

Columns with counter ions (Pb2+, Ca2+, Na+, Zn2+) for the routine analysis of mono-, di- and oligo-saccharides with water eluent

Shodex HILICpak Series_43.jpg

Columns with different functional groups for the analysis of polar compounds like sugars and small charged molecules

Shodex SUGAR SH and RSpak KC_43.jpg
Organic acids - Ion Exclusion

Columns for the routine analysis of organic acids or mixtures of saccharides and organic acids in food or fermentation products

Shodex IC Anions_43.jpg
IC - Ion Chromatography

Columns for the analysis of anions and cations for example in water samples with carbonate or hydroxide eluent

Shodex GPC KF-800 Series_43.jpg
Organic GPC - Size Exclusion

Columns for the separation of polymers, plastics and resins soluble in organic solvent like THF

Shodex PROTEIN Series_43.jpg
Aqueous SEC - Size Exclusion

Columns for the separation of water-soluble high MW molecules like proteins, antibodies, polysaccharides and polar polymers

Shodex Standard P-82_43.jpg
Calibration Standards

Standard kits for the calibration in aqueous SEC (Pullulan) and organic GPC (Polystyrene, Polymethylmethacrylate)

Shodex IEC Series_43.jpg
Ion Exchange

Columns for the separation of anionic and cationic proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, nucleotides, amino acids

Shodex ORpak CDBS-453_43.jpg

Column with cyclodextrin derivate for the separation of isomers, typically Epinephrine and other chiral drugs

Shodex Catalog 2022 cover

​Product Overview

Browse the 2022 catalog:

Shodex Catalog 2022 (pdf)


online flip catalog

Banner glyphosate HILICpak VT

Glyphosate analysis

with the polymer-based HILICpak VT-50 4E column: quaternary ammonium groups for the separation of anionic polar substances.


September 2022: Announcement of discontinued product for the end of the year 2022.

The production of some products will be stopped and they are available until 31.12.2022

Download list: Shodex discontinued product 31.12.2022 (pdf)

October 2022: The SHODEX sales office will be closed for winter holidays from 24.12.2022 until 08.01.2023.

Additionally, we are changing our software system and must close the system between 10.-23. December 2022.

The last day for ordering with arrival of the shipment before Christmas is 8. December 2022 (if product is in stock and only for EU shipments). Orders after this date will be shipped in January.

Shodex winter holiday 2022


Shodex HPLC columns and calibration standards are available at many different laboratory equipment supplier.

Find the official Shodex distributor for your country:

For example in Germany:

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