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Specialist for polymer-based HPLC columns

The HPLC columns are packed with polymer-based particles and offer unique and alternative  performance for all major separation techniques.

Separation Techniques

Shodex Asahipak ODP Series_43.jpg
Reversed Phase

Columns for the analysis of non-polar compounds like pharmaceuticals, biomolecules or food ingredients

Shodex SUGAR Series_43.jpg
SUGAR - Ligand Exchange

Columns with counter ions (Pb2+, Ca2+, Na+, Zn2+) for the routine analysis of mono-, di- and oligo-saccharides with water eluent

Shodex HILICpak Series_43.jpg

Columns with different functional groups for the analysis of polar compounds like sugars and small charged molecules

Shodex SUGAR SH and RSpak KC_43.jpg
Organic acids - Ion Exclusion

Columns for the routine analysis of organic acids or mixtures of saccharides and organic acids in food or fermentation products

Shodex IC Anions_43.jpg
IC - Ion Chromatography

Columns for the analysis of anions and cations for example in water samples with carbonate or hydroxide eluent

Shodex GPC KF-800 Series_43.jpg
Organic GPC - Size Exclusion

Columns for the separation of polymers, plastics and resins soluble in organic solvent like THF

Shodex PROTEIN Series_43.jpg
Aqueous SEC - Size Exclusion

Columns for the separation of water-soluble high MW molecules like proteins, antibodies, polysaccharides and polar polymers

Shodex Standard P-82_43.jpg
Calibration Standards

Standard kits for the calibration in aqueous SEC (Pullulan) and organic GPC (Polystyrene, Polymethylmethacrylate)

Shodex IEC Series_43.jpg
Ion Exchange

Columns for the separation of anionic and cationic proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, nucleotides, amino acids

Shodex ORpak CDBS-453_43.jpg

Column with cyclodextrin derivate for the separation of isomers, typically Epinephrine and other chiral drugs

Catalog cover 2023-2024 small.jpg

​Product Overview

Browse the new digital 2023-2024 catalog:

Frying Pan


PFAS chromatogram Shodex HILICpak VT-50 2D.jpg

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. They are hardly decomposed in the environment and contain substances that are subject of Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Its persistence in the environment and accumulation in living organisms are concerned. HILICpak VT-50 2D, a polymer-based HILIC mode column, was used to analyze 9 kinds of PFAS and 3 kinds of haloacetic acids.


January 2023: 

We would like to inform you that Shodex is going to change its column packages to an eco-friendly design.

Details of the change

1. The package consists entirely of carton; plastic sponge cushion as formerly used is eliminated.

2. Tag material attached to column product body is changed from hard plate to flexible film.

3. Inclusion of “Certificate of Analysis” and “Operational Manual” is abolished, and they are downloaded from Shodex website.

Products to be changed

Shodex columns and Shodex calibration standards


As soon as the stock of current package runs out, new package will be applied accordingly. For the time being, new and old packages may be shipped together. 

Shodex columns new package and tag 2023.jpg

January 2023: 

Manuals are now available in English and German!

New global database to download operation manuals and certificates of analysis (CoA) for new products:

If you need a CoA for older products, please contact us and specify column name and serial number.


Shodex HPLC columns and calibration standards are available at many different laboratory equipment supplier.

Find the official Shodex distributor for your country:

For example in Germany:

mz analysentechnik.jpg

Stock availability

You can type in the Fxxxxxxx number or the product name in the "search" bar top right, click on the product from the suggestions and see the number of items in stock.

Or you can go to the | All products | overview and filter your products.

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