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Specialist for polymer-based HPLC columns

The HPLC columns are packed with polymer-based particles and offer unique and alternative  performance for all major separation techniques.

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​Product Overview

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22. April 2024:

Thank you for visting us at analytica 2024!

Our team was happy to support you with any technical questions.

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Thank you for supporting Shodex over 50 years

This year, Shodex is celebrating its 50th anniversary.


The golden number 50 and the embedded Shodex symbol fish silhouette express our determination to continue shining in the analysis field based on our 50-year history.


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Application highlights

Teflon Pan


HILICpak VT-50 2D, a polymer-based HILIC mode column, was used to analyze 9 kinds of PFAS and 3 kinds of haloacetic acids.


For multi-angle light scattering detectors (MALS)

OHpak LB-800 series

- for aqueous SEC/GFC analysis

- particles with highest crosslinking for lowest bleeding

- for polymers and polysaccharides from MW 500 to 20.000.000 



Analysis with the polymer-based HILICpak VT-50 2D column: quaternary ammonium groups for the separation of anionic polar substances.


Antibody drug analysis

PROTEIN LW columns

- aqueous SEC with linear calibration

- pore size distribution specifically controlled for MW 10,000 to 1,000,000

- high lot-to-lot reproducibility

- for the analysis of antibodies and proteins

Plastic Granules

New: ultra-rapid columns for organic SEC

Newly developed series of

GPC HK-400 columns

- monodispers particles

- faster analysis

- lower amount of solvent (THF)

Water Analysis

Anion analysis with
hydroxide eluent

- NEW column: IC SI-37 4D is suitable for high sensitivity analysis of oxyhalides in drinking water

- Ion Chromatography (IC)

- Suitable for anion suppressor methods with potassium hydroxide / sodium hydroxide


Shodex HPLC columns and calibration standards are available at many different laboratory equipment supplier.

Find the official Shodex distributor for your country:

For example in Germany:

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Stock availability

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