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Symbolic image of polymer analysis

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)/

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) with organic solvents

Analysis of polymers and plastics by size

Product overview

Shodex GPC KF-800 Series_square.jpg

GPC KF-800 series

GPC KF-400 series

The standard organic solvent SEC (GPC) column

  • classic dimension of 8.0 x 300 mm

  • and smaller 4.6 x 250 mm dimension

  • full range of MW

  • single-pore, mixed-bed and linear columns

  • can be coupled

  • prefilled with THF

GPC KD-800 series

  • classic dimension of 8.0 x 300 mm

  • single-pore and mixed-bed columns

  • prefilled with DMF

  • made to order 

GPC HK-400 series

New: ultra-rapid SEC (GPC) column

  • small dimension of 4.6 x 150 mm

  • monodispers particles

  • low column pressure

  • faster analysis

  • reduced amount of solvent

  • full range of MW

  • single-pore and linear columns

  • can be coupled

  • prefilled with THF

Shodex GPC HK Series_square.jpg
Shodex GPC LF Series_square.jpg

GPC LF-series

Linear calibration type SEC (GPC) column

  • unique multi-pore gels

  • wide pore-size distribution

  • higly linear calibraiton curve without inflection points

  • dimensions: 8.0 x 300 mm, 6.0 x 150 mm, and 4.6 x 250 mm

  • prefilled with THF

GPC preparative columns

  • for preparative analyses

  • made to order (3 months delivery time)

Shodex GPC preparative.jpg
Shodex CLNpak EV-200.JPG

GPC Clean-up columns

CLNpak EV series

  • for fractionation of residual pesticides in foods

  • with acetone/cyclohexane or ethylacetate/cyclohexane

Column Selection Polymers

Column Selection Polymers.jpg

Tutorial video

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