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Green Ivy from the Roof


Resonac has many different projects and initiatives for a more sustainable future. 

Contribution to the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)


As a Co-creative Chemical Company that seeks to create a recycling-oriented society, we have made contributing to SDGs 12 and 17 the focus of our corporate activities, and positioned goals that we contribute to through businesses and products as well as goals that we contribute to through our business foundation as follows. In addition to the areas we are already working on, we are looking ahead with the aim to contributing to the creation of a future that we seek to realize through the power of chemistry.


Shodex packaging


The Shodex column packages were changed to an eco-friendly design.

1. The package consists entirely of carton; plastic sponge cushion as formerly used is eliminated.

2. Tag material attached to column product body is changed from hard plate to flexible film.

3. Inclusion of “Certificate of Analysis” and “Operational Manual” is abolished, and they are downloaded from a global database to save paper printouts.​

Sustainability Vision 2030 and Material Issues


For our Vision 2023 and more about the ESG Performance Data (Environment, Social, Governance) please visit: 

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