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Pullulan calibration standard

water-soluble unbranched polysaccharide

The calibration kit for aqueous SEC

Product information

Shodex STANDARD P-82 (Pullulan) is a calibration standard for aqueous size exclusion chromatography.

Pullulan is a polysaccharide: units of maltotriose are connected with α-1,6 bond, and its chains are linear without branched chains.

The sample solution of this standard is easy to prepare and easy to handle, because it is stable without agglomeration, crystallization or electrical charge, and moreover pullulan is not adsorbed to column packing materials. This is useful as molecular weight standard for Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC).

  • For aqueous SEC (GFC)

  • Unbranched pullulan standard

  • High solubility in water eliminates the possibility of recrystallization

In order to obtain a calibration curve, plot Mp and retention time using the same analysis condition as the target sample analysis. Relative molecular weight of unknown sample can be calculated by comparing the calibration curve with the measured results.

Pullulan kit: STANDARD P-82 (8 vials)

STANDARD P-82 kit consists of 8 kinds of different molecular weight standards of 200 mg each.

Note: Molecular weights (Mp, Mw/Mn) of a standard kit or each single type may vary depending on production lots. Always refer to the inspection certificate.

Product overview

Product code
Product name
Molecular weights (Mp) Range*
0.2 g x 8 kinds
~ 5,000 - 800,000