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Shodex ORpak CDBS-453_43.jpg

Chiral ORpak CDBS-453 column

with β-Cyclodextrin derivatives

For the separation of Epinephrine and other chiral drugs

Product information


In the fields of medicine, agricultural chemicals and food, it is important to analyze optical isomers to confirm physiological activity or to measure optical purity of optical isomers. Shodex offers one type of separation column of chiral separation.


ORpak CDBS-453

The ORpak CDBS-453 column is packed with silica-based gel bonded with β-cyclodextrin derivatives as ligand.

  • Separates optical isomers by using their conformational compatibility differences

  • Versatile column for chiral separation

  • Fulfills USP L45 requirements

Analytes: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Lamivudine, Voriconazole and other chiral drugs


Sample: 20 μL Epinephrine (racemic mixture) 50 μg/mL (in eluent)

Column: Shodex ORpak CDBS-453 (4.6 x 150 mm)

Eluent: (0.05 % (w/v) CH3COOH + 0.2 M NaCl) aq./CH3CN=95/5

Flow rate: 0.5 mL/min

Detector: UV (280 nm)

Column temp.: 10°C


Product overview

Product code
Product name
Functional group
Gel material
Particle size
Pore size
Size (ID x length)
Housing material
ORpak CDBS-453
beta-Cyclodextrin derivate
3 µm
4.6 x 150 mm

Product details

Product name
Maximum pressure
Maximum flow rate
Temperature range
pH range
Salt concentration
Shipping solvent
ORpak CDBS-453
20 MPa (200 bar)
1.2 mL/min
5 to 60°C
2 to 7.5
≤ 1.0 M
(0.05 % CH3COOH + 0.2 M NaCl aq.)/CH3CN/ = 95/5

Product info

Product instruction


The separation performance of CDBS-453 will be largely affected by the eluent conditions. A buffer, an organic solvent or a mixture of buffer and organic solvent can be used as an eluent. Commonly, a mixture is used as an eluent.

The following are buffers and organic solvents usually used.



  • Acetic buffer

  • Phosphate buffer

The buffer pH range should be between 2 and 7.

When a salt is added, the salt concentration should be lower than 1.0 M.

When acetic acid is added, the acid concentration should be lower than 6 % (w/v).


Organic solvent

  • Acetonitrile

  • Methanol

  • Isopropyl alcohol

Guard column:

A guard column is not available.

Cleaning and Regeneration:

There is no appropriate cleaning method.

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