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Orders and deliveries for distributors

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Business address

Resonac Europe GmbH

Shodex Business

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 3

81829 Munich


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Europe, Middle East, Africa

Price info and stock availability

You can see the number of items available in our central warehouse, the list price and other details in the

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Where to buy and how to get a quote

We are mostly selling our products via local distributors. Please find your distributor and contact them for a quote.

Technical support for your column
Contact a team member

See the contact details in the Shodex team overview


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Other Resonac products

This site offers support for the Shodex brand name HPLC columns. If you are looking for other chemical product please visit the Resonac Europe website

Get the Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

For old products: please contact us.

For new products: download manuals and certificates from the global database:

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If your country is not listed, please visit our other sales offices.

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