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  • How should Shodex columns be stored?
    In general, Shodex recommends to store the columns in the shipping solvent at ambient temperature (avoid significant temperature fluctuation), if not otherwise stated in the column manual. Some IC columns should be stored in the fridge, this is mentioned on the box and in the manual. The shipping solvent is mentioned in the catalog or in the column manual.
  • When and how should Shodex columns be cleaned?
    When the separation performance of the column is decreasing, e.g. shift of retention times and/or peak deformation, the column may be regenerated by certain washing procedures. The column cleaning procedures can be found in the column manual. You can also see an overview about the column cleaning procedures here:
  • Can I test the columns for free and get a demo column or buy-and-try?
    For many years we offered the possibility to test our columns for free with demo columns. Unfortunately this option is not available any more. It is also not possible to buy the column and return them if they don't work for your method ( no money-back warranty or refund). Please contact our technical specialist to get a scientific recommendation about the suitability of the columns for your application.
  • Where can I get a reprint of the column manual?
    You find all manuals for download as PDF file here: Download column manuals
  • Can I get spare parts for HPLC columns?
    Shodex doesn’t provide any spare parts (e.g. nuts, frits, fittings, capillaries, ...) for HPLC columns. Please choose another vendor for general laboratory epuipment supply.
  • Are filter cartridges and holders available as guard columns?
    Shodex is offering small complete columns which are used as guard columns. They are connected via fittings and capillaries. Here is a guide: There are following exception, which consist of a holder and exchangeable filter cartridges: GPC HK-G, IC SI-2GF and line filter IC FL-1.
  • How should the guard column and the main column be connected?
    The guard column and the main column can easily be connected by fittings and capillaries. Please use short capillaries with small inner diameter to avoid dead volume.
  • Does Shodex offer UHPLC columns?
    Shodex is offering two silica-based RP C18 columns for UHPLC: Silica C18 columns Other Shodex HPLC columns can be used in UHPLC instruments, but only up to the low maximum pressure limit which are specified for each of the columns. In general, most Shodex columns are polymer-based and the polymer particles are "softer" than silica particles, so the maximum pressure limit is lower.
  • Which solvents can be used for Shodex GPC columns?
    Please take a look at the solvent replacement table here: Pay attention to the miscibility of the used solvents. A frequent solvent exchange can shorten the life time of the GPC column.
  • How long should the columns be equilibrated?
    In general, the equilibration time depends on the separation technique and column size. For example, for our HILIC columns, an equilibration of 10 to 15 column volumes is recommended.
  • What is the lifetime of polymeric columns?
    Compared to silica-based columns, polymeric columns can show a 2 to 3 times longer lifetime. Please be aware that in general the lifetime highly depends on the sample/sample matrix. Therefore, a certain number of injections cannot be guaranteed.
  • How can I transfer the loading capacity and/or injection volume from one column size to another?
    There is a direct correlation between the injection volume as well as the loading capacity and the cross sectional area, which can be described by A = πr2, and length of the column. Therefore, in the case a certain method was already established on an analytical column with 4.6 mm inner diameter and should be transferred to a bigger column with 8.0 mm inner diameter with same length, the loading capacity would increase approximately by a factor of 3.
  • Can Shodex columns be used with every HPLC instrument?
    Yes, all Shodex columns are equipped with standard ports (screw type: Unified Thread Standard No. 10-32 UNF) to install standard 1/16’’ tube fittings and are compatible with all general HPLC instruments. Please pay attention to the maximum pressure limit of every column when starting a new method.
  • What is the purpose of a guard column?
    A guard column or also called precolumn protects the main analytical column of clogging and contamination by samples and mobile phase. We recommend to use guard columns, because they are easy to replace and cost less than the main column. Depending on the sample matrix 1-3 guard columns can be used during the life time of the main column.
  • What are the USP column codes?
    USP comes from the United States Pharmacopeia convention. It provides a listing of columns referenced in liquid chromatographic methods. For example: silica-based C18 columns (USP L1) Here is the overview for Shodex: USP column list
  • What are theoretical plates per column?
    The number of theoretical plates (N) is an index used to determine the performance and effectiveness of columns. They are an indirect measure of peak width for a peak at a specific retention time. The number of theoretical plates can be calculated: N=5.54x(tR/W0.5h)2, with tR= retention time and W0.5h=peak width at 50% of the peak height. For column comparison purposes the number of theoretical plates per meter (N/m) is often used by other manufacturers. For Shodex columns we use theoretical plates per column (N/per column).
  • I lost the original Certificate of Analysis, can I get a new one?
    Yes, please contact us with the contact form and provide the individual serial number of your column. It is written on the column tag.
  • What is the country of origin for the Shodex product?
    Country of origin: Japan
  • What is the HS code (customs tariff numbers, Zolltarifnummer)?
    HPLC columns: HS code 90279000 Parts and accessories of instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis Calibration Standards: Pullulan: HS code 39139000 Natural polymers and modified natural polymers, e.g. hardened proteins, chemical derivatives of natural rubber PMMA: HS code 39061000 Polymethyl methacrylate PS: HS code 39031900 Polystyrene
  • Which calibration standards does Shodex offer?
    Shodex offers three different standards for size exclusion chromatography, Pullulan (unbranched polysaccharide for applications in aqueous eluents), Polystyrene (PS) and Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) (polymers for applications in organic solvents).
  • Can I become an official Shodex distributor?
    At the moment we are not looking for new distributors.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    The Shodex European headquarter supplies the countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. All deliveries are send from our central warehouse in Germany. All bestsellers are usually in stock and will be delivered within 3-5 working days to the distributors and then to the end-users (except for countries with customs clearance). If product is not in stock in Germany: Usually it takes 7-10 business day to receive the product from our stock in Japan. If product is not in stock in Germany nor Japan: Usually the production of new products takes 4-8 weeks. For product, that are made to order (for example preparative columns are only produced after the order): The production time is 3 months. You can find the available quantity in our stock here:
  • What are the shipping cost?
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