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Technical Support

Technical Support and Product Recommendation

Request a column recommendation based on your analyte, get help for your column in use or ask for supporting documents.

Please provide all needed analytical specifications, your data is only used by our technical specialist to give the best support. For confidential analytes: instead of "insulin" you can describe it as "protein with 6000 Da".

You can also upload a PDF document with chromatograms, methods, additional information.

You can also contact for technical support.

Helpful information are:

1. Analytes:

2. Sample matrix and solution:

3. Name and dimension of column(s):

4. Column/serial number:

5. Name of guard column, if used:

6. Injection volume (µL):

7. Mobile phase A (and B), pH:

8. Gradient (%/time) or isocratic:

9. Flow rate (mL/min):

10. Pressure (MPa, bar, psi):

11. Temperature (°C):

12. Detector(s):

Users and distributors can also call +49 (0)89 / 93 99 62 41 for technical support in English or German.

You can also download the manuals here or view the column cleaning and regeneration procedures here.

Technical Support


If your country is not listed, please visit our other sales offices.

View VAT format for your country here.


If you are using a Shodex column and need help with the analysis or have trouble with the separation, please let us know the column name and the column number (serial number S/N). It can be found on the box, the tag or the certificate of analysis.

Shodex column serial number box2
Shodex column serial number box1
Shodex column serial number tag1
Shodex column serial number tag2
Shodex column serial number CoA


Please fill in the parameters of your method.

If you are interested in a new application and column recommendation and you don't know the exact parameters, please fill in your target values.

Upload PDF file


Let us know more about your request, for example describe the problem

Request for technical support was successful. Thanks for submitting!

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