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Symbolic image of drug analysis

Reversed phase chromatography

Columns (with C18) for the analysis of non-polar substances

in drugs, food or biological samples

Product overview

Shodex Asahipak ODP Series.jpg

Asahipak ODP-50 series

Polymer-based column with C18 functional groups

  • General use for pharmaceuticals and food

  • Relatively large pore size is also suitable for the analysis of amino acids, peptides, and proteins

  • Usable in a wide pH range from pH 2 to 13

  • Usable in 100 % water and buffer solution

  • Best used for the analysis of basic substances

  • Recommended for ELSD, CAD, MS/MS

  • ODP-50 fulfills USP L67 requirements

RSpak DE, DM and DS columns

Polymer-based reversed phase columns without C18 groups

RSpak DE-213, DE-413 and DE-613

  • Wide working pH range (from pH 2 to 12), usable in 100 % water and buffer solutions

  • extra small pore size of 25 Å

  • for the analyis of vitamins, preservatives, organic acids

  • Fulfill USP L71 requirements (polymethacrylate particles)

RSpak DM-614

  • Suitable for the analysis of amino acids and water-soluble vitamins

  • pH range from 2 to 10

  • Fulfills USP L39 requirements (polyhydroxymethacrylate particles)


RSpak DS-413 and DS-613

  • Suitable for reversed phase analysis of highly hydrophilic substances that are not well retained by ODS columns

  • Fulfill USP L21 requirements (styrene divinylbenzene copolymer particles)

Shodex RSpak DE DS DM Series_square.jpg

RSpak NN and JJ columns

Polymer-based multi mode columns with reversed phase and ion exchange chromatography

RSpak NN-814

  • modified with sulfo groups supports multimode (reversed phase and cation exchange) analysis

  • Ideal for the analysis of complex samples containing neutral and ionic substances

  • For the separation of water-soluble substances such as nucleotides, nucleosides, nucleobases, water-soluble vitamins and amino acids

RSpak JJ-50 2D

  • modified with trace amounts of quaternary ammonium groups, and supports multimode (reversed phase and anion exchange) analysis

  • Ideal for analysis of complex samples containing neutral and ionic substances

ODP2 series

New generation of polymer-based reversed phase columns

  • higher polarity than classical RP column

  • enhances retention of polar/basic substances

  • for small molecules in the presence of protein matrix

  • no silanol-groups -> no adsorption

  • ideal for LC-MS/MS

  • real pH stability

Shodex ODP2 Series.jpg
Shodex Silica C18.jpg

Silica C18 columns

Classic reversed phase columns with C18 groups

Silica C18M

  • For HPLC

  • Fully end capped ODS column

  • Fulfills USP L1 requirements

Silica C18U

  • For UHPLC

  • Achieves high performance analysis with sub-2 µm particles

  • Organic/inorganic silica hybrid particles improved alkali durability (from pH 1 to 12)

  • Usable in 100 % water and buffer solution

  • Fulfills USP L1 requirements

RP comparison.jpg

Tutorial video

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