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IC SI-series columns

for carbonate eluent (Na2CO3/NaHCO3)

The IC columns for anion analysis (suppressor method)

Product information


IC SI-90 4E (+ guard IC SI-90G)
IC SI-50 4E (+ guard IC SI-50G)
IC SI-52 4E (+ guard IC SI-92G)

  • Suitable for anion suppressor methods with sodium carbonate eluent

  • Suitable for the quantitative analysis of fluoride ion

  • SI-50 4E separates target inorganic anions from organic acids

  • SI-52 4E provides simultaneous analysis of oxyhalides and general inorganic ions

  • Carbonate peak does not interfere with analysis

  • Equivalent columns for Metrohm Metrosep A Supp 4, Metrosep A Supp 5, Metrosep A Supp 7 and Thermo Fisher Dionex IonPac AS14, IonPac As22, IonPac As23

IC SI-35 4D (+ guard IC SI-95G)

IC SI-35 2B (+ guard IC SI-2GF)

  • Columns for rapid analysis with suppressor method with sodium carbonate eluent

  • SI-35 4D provides rapid analysis of oxyhalides and general inorganic ions

  • SI-35 2B provides rapid analysis of general inorganic ions​

Typical analytes are: 

F- (fluoride)

CH3CO2- (acetate, acetic acid)

HCO2- (formate, formic acid)


Methacrylic acid

BrO3- (bromate)

Cl- (chloride)

NO2- (nitrite)

Br- (bromide)

ClO3- (chlorate)

NO3- (nitrate)

HPO42- (phosphate)

SO32- (sulfite)

SO42- (sulfate)

C2O4- (oxalate, oxalic acid)



S2O32- (thiosulfate)

CrO42- (chromate)

SCN- (thiocyanate)

Shodex columns can be used in the ion chromatography instruments of other manufacturers, for example Metrohm and Thermo Fisher Dionex.

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