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Technical Specifications


• Standard organic solvent SEC (GPC) column

• Filled with THF (solvent can be exchanged)

• Supports a wide range of applications from low to high molecular weight compounds

• Fulfills USP L21 requirements

• Mixed gel column indicated with "M" for wide range

• Linear column indicated with "L" for linear calibration over wide range

• 2-3 columns can be coupled in row


  • Solvent-peak separation column (filled with THF)
  • Use this column in combination with a linear column (GPC KF-805L, 806L, 806M, 807L)
  • Delays the elution of low-molecular components
  • Can be used to separate a solvent peak or other troublesome peak to realize accurate measurement of molecular weight distribution


Product code: F6709350

Product name: GPC KF-800D

Separation: GPC

Gel material: Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer

Plates per column: -

Particle size: 10 µm

Pore size: -

MW range: solvent-peak separator

Exclusion limit: -

Size (ID x length): 8.0 x 100 mm

Housing material: steel

Maximum pressure: -

Usual flow rate: -

Maximum flow rate: -

Temperature range: ≤ 60°C

Shipping solvent: THF

USP: -

Country of origin: Japan

HS code: 90279000

GPC KF-800D | 8.0 x 100 mm solvent peak separation

SKU: F6709350
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Where to buy?


Shodex HPLC columns and calibration standards are available at many different laboratory equipment suppliers.

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