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Technical Specifications


IC YK-421
• Ion chromatography column

• Column for cation analysis with non-suppressor method

• Simultaneous analysis of monovalent and divalent cations

• Suitable separating of alkylamines

• Fulfills USP L76 requirements

• For higher performance use the IC YS-50, F7122000


This is the guard column for IC YK-421, F7120012.


Product code: F6709608

Product name: IC YK-G

Separation: IC

Functional group: Carboxyl

Gel material: Silica

Plates per column: (guard)

Particle size: 5 µm

Pore size: -

Size (ID x length): 4.6 x 10 mm

Housing material: steel

Maximum pressure: -

Usual flow rate: -

Maximum flow rate: -

Temperature range: 20 to 60°C

pH range: -

Salt concentration: -

Shipping solvent: 5 mM Tartaric acid + 1 mM Dipicolinic acid + 1.5 g/L Boric acid aq.

USP: L76

Info: storage 4-8°C

IC YK-G | 4.6 x 10 mm guard

SKU: F6709608
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Where to buy?


Shodex HPLC columns and calibration standards are available at many different laboratory equipment suppliers.

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