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Polymer-based packed columns for aqueous SEC (GFC) analysis

• Low column bleeding allows its use with light scattering detectors (MALS)

• The eluent can be replaced with DMF enabling the analysis of polar polymers

• OHpak LB-806M is a mixed-bed column capable of analyzing samples over a wide range of molecular weight distribution.


Product code: F6429202

Product name: OHpak LB-806M

Separation: SEC

Functional group: -

Gel material: Polyhydroxy-methacrylate

Plates per column: ≥ 12,000

Particle size: 13 µm

Pore size: 15,000 Å

Size (ID x length): 8.0 x 300 mm

Housing material: steel

Maximum pressure: 3.5 MPa (35 bar)

Usual flow rate: 0.5 to 1.0 mL/min

Maximum flow rate: 1.2 mL/min

Temperature range: 4 to 80°C

pH range: 3 to 10

Salt concentration: ≤ 0.5 M

Shipping solvent: H2O

USP: L38, L39

MW range: 500 - (20,000,000)

Exclusion limit: (20,000,000)

Info: MALS noise ≤ 2.0 × 10-5 V


The corresponding guard column is F6709434, OHpak LB-G 6B.

OHpak LB-806M | 8.0 x 300 mm

SKU: F6429202
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