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Konrad-Zuse-Platz 3, Munich   

Your specialist for polymer-based HPLC Columns

You require polymer-based HPLC Columns which are applicable for different separation modes? You are searching for an expert in the field of liquid chromatography? Are you looking for technical support not just before but as well after purchasing?

We are experts for polymer-based HPLC Columns and we are happy to advise you. We grant fast supply and delivery within Europe, Russia, Africa and Middle East.
Our goal is to help you achieving the best results!

Advantages compared to silica-based columns:

  • High chemical stability with a PH range from 2 to 13
  • Enabling sensitive methods of measurement due to low bleeding
  • Higher resolution due to a wide range of material characteristics
  • Availability for nearly all separation modes
  • Reduced price per injection due to a longer lifetime


You have the possibility to filter the information by different criterias.

  1. Search by separation mode
  2. Search by analyte
  3. Search by application area
  4. Search by product name

What we do for you

  • We produce your polymer-based HPLC Columns
  • Intensive scientifical support from our experts
  • We deliver to Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East
  • Test our quality non-binding with our demo-columns
  • 80% of our products are stored in Munich and can be delivered within three business days

Why us?

  • Know-how since 1965
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
  • Extensive application database
  • In-house production of polymer-gels as well as packing
  • Close cooperation with our customers and partners

Now! Test 30 days for free!

Shodex offers to test demo columns free of charge. Find more details here!
This way you are capable to test our products in your own laboratory and under “real” conditions in order to convince yourself of the quality as well as the performance.
Don't miss the chance!

Test us now! 


We are completely satisfied of the performance of the Shodex columns we use. In the field of purifying polysaccharides and sugars and analysis of the molecular mass by the multi angle light scattering and refractometric detectors,  these columns are in heavy use.

Claire Boisset, Cermav France



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